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Continuous Support for
Water Industry promotion

We are contributing to the vitalization of the domestic water market with the advancement of the quality of water
and wastewater systems and the promotion of water companies and WATER KOREA.

  • Fostering of Water industry through certification systems

    • We are contributing to the enhancement of quality and efficiency through water performance or management product certification system in the water industry, and to conservation water quality and facility safety.

    • We are activating the domestic water market by holding the largest water industry exhibition in Korea, and promoting the information and person-to-person exchange among local governments, relevant organizations, and companies through many other events.
  • Support for the overseas expansion of the water industry

    • We are supporting the overseas expansion of domestic water companies by linking programs, such as export consultation meetings, participation in overseas exhibitions, and buyer invitation programs with relevant organizations, such as local governments and KBIZ Korea Federation of SMEs.