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Research/Policy Support/Evaluation to Achieve
Safe Supply of Water and Wastewater Tap Water

We are laying the foundation for research and policy support to guarantee safe water supply,
and digitizing technical support and information management to strengthen business in the field of water resources.

  • Establishment of the standards for the operation and management of water supply facilities and accident response

    • To manage water supply facilities systematically and improve safety, we are establishing design standards and manuals that can preemptively respond to the prevention of various waterworks accidents.
  • Performance evaluation of the public sewerage system management outsourcing contracts

    • We are conducting an performance evaluation of the management outsourcing contracts results to increase the expertise of the management outsourcing contracts of public sewerage system (public sewage treatment plant, foul waste treatment plants) in accordance with Article 19-5 of the sewerage Act.
  • Operation of the performance assessment committee for water distribution system rebuilding projects in local waterworks

    • We are providing clean and safe water and improving the local government's waterworks management efficiency by reviewing the feasibility of achieved performance in a rebuilding project to prevent the accumulation of aged waterworks facilities and to improve revenue water ratio.
  • Assessment of the technical diagnosis results of water supply facility

    • We are conducting an assessment of the technical diagnosis results to improve the accuracy and expertise in the field of technical diagnosis of the water supply facilities (water treatment plant, pipeline) in accordance with Article 74 of the Water Supply and Waterworks Installation Act.
  • Management of digital information,such as career and performance of wastewater engineers

    • We are contributing to the development of the wastewater field by systematically managing the technical qualifications, educational background, career, and education completion of wastewater technicians through the “wastewater engineer career management system” to resolve career discontinuation issues and to secure expertise.
  • WATER 119 (Technical Support for Waterworks)

    • We are providing on-site, customized technical support by forming a group of experts to handle problems and difficulties during the operation of water supply facilities and to suggest improvement measures.
  • Certification based on Water Treatment Standards

    • we are operating a certification system to check the supply status of water that is safe from pathogenic microorganism* by evaluating the disinfection ability of the water purification plant.

    * Virus, Giardia cyst, Cryptosporidium oocysts

  • Customized technical support for public wastewater facilities

    • We are forming a group of experts in public wastewater offices and management agencies that are facing operational and management difficulties due to aging and deteriorating water quality of public wastewater facilities, and are providing free technical support.
  • Joint water and wastewater research

    • Through the joint research fund that was raised through the joint water and wastewater research council, we are studying current issues in local governments, including resolving redundant investments in the budget, and are strengthening water and wastewater management capabilities through further research.