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In the midst of an extreme weather crisis, which has been accelerating year after year, countries around the world are competing fiercely to lay the foundation for the environmental industry.

Securing and safely managing water, an essential element of life and future growth, has become a persistent issue that must be addressed by all of humanity.

Kang Gi-jung President, KWWAKang Gi-jung President, KWWA

Korea Water and Wastewater Works Association (KWWA), a key player in the field of water, has been leading the development of water and wastewater systems by working together with the government, local governments, industry, and academia to keep up with current trends.

We have been supporting both the national government and local governments so that people can drink tap water safely, providing training programs to ensure talent cultivation and specialization, and leading the advancement of water and wastewaterrelated safety and quality standards.

Moreover, we have exerted continuous efforts to build public trust in tap water, conduct research to advance the water and wastewater field, and prepare alternatives to pending issues affecting the government and water companies.

As a step toward establishing water as a public institution, KWWA will fulfill its social responsibilities by actively implementing Korea’s “Green New Deal” and “Carbon Neutral” in the future.

We would like to show our sincere gratitude to all those who are always striving for the development of water and wastewater systems, and of KWWA, and ask for your unchanging affection and upport.