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Cultivation of Professional Personnel through the Korean-style
New Deal - Human Resource Development-led Governance

Reducing job mismatches and leading the development of
sustainable human resources by strengthening job competency

  • Leading the development / management/ utilization of human resources in the environmental industry (Environment ISC)

    • We are building an industry-led governance with the participation of major institutions, workers’ organizations, and companies in the field of water quality and the environment to serve as the HRD (human resource development) hub for cultivating future talents, such as providing education and training tailored to the field, and advancing a qualification system.
  • Education and training for prospective water industry employment among the unemployed

    • We are providing employment-related / job experience-type education for those who are preparing for employment in the water industry
    • We are promoting youth employment rate and providing support to SMEs in the field of water.
  • ‘Tap water production/supply-related’ qualification system

    • We are operating a newly established qualification system for a “waterworks pipe network facility operation manager” to respond to accidents in the water supply system, such as rusty tap water.
    • We operated a qualification system for a “water treatment facility operation manager” as part of the training in water treatment facility operations and management tasks.
  • educational program for water company employees (consortium and corporate demand)

    • We are promoting the Ministry of Employment's government-funded education project to improve job competency and strengthen corporate competitiveness for employees in water companies, such as the association’s member companies.